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    Monday, June 2, 2008


    This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life.
    Don't ask why, just take my word for it. I've had a great few days.

    Here is a shot from this weekend of myself, Gina, Pete, Vince and Barbara having dinner at Nagasaki. Much food and Saki was consumed, much fun was had by all. Thanks again!

    On Sunday I got together with Sundiata to work on "The Man In Charge" and I have to say I am really excited about the post edit cut. We were able to really tweak it and, because we had so much to choose from, we were able to cut it down to just the good stuff. What we are left with is a fifteen minute short and, particularly for a first time effort, I am really surprised at how well it has come out. As always, with these kinds of projects, it has it's flaws. It is far from perfect, make no mistake, but we learned so much and the final project is so much better than I had come to expect it would be, that I'm all excited about it.

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