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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    April Fools 2008!: New artificial virus turns people into Zombies

    A new genetically engineered virus has been developed by a private research firm in Texas, that reportedly causes an infection similar to meningitis. However instead of being potentially lethal the viral infection affects that brain and body in such a way that people become literal zombies. Subjects exposed to the pathogen develop symptoms over a 24 hour incubation period that include a gray pallor with bruising, drooling, reduced body temperature, white irises, blackened fingernails and other zombie like physiological side effects.
    According to Dr. Robert Langstrom of Optigenictec in Texas said “We weren't expecting anything like this, we were actually doing research on a treatment for shingles.”
    Additionally sufferers lose the power of speech and become sensitive to light.

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Really Ill

    You know I haven't been really sick like this and long time, but the flu that has been going around, it seems has finally caught up with me. I have a fever which has me alternately freezing and sweating, I'm light headed, dizzy and achy and just generally miserable. One of the worst things about this flu is that it also seems to keep me from sleeping. Gina is just getting over this same flu and now of course the grandkids have it as well. So I'm watching Cosmos and I have DVD's of UFO and SHOGUN and of course Star Trek: TNG on deck and ready to go.
    See you next week some time.

    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    Gina Update

    We just found out there is a shot a few seconds long of Gina on the behind the scenes disk of "American Gangster". (On Disk 2, under behind the scenes, The Frazier -Ali fight.) It's not very long but it's a nice clear shot.
    Also on Thursday Gina worked on a project called "Will" that features David Bowie and Vanessa Hudgens. For those of you that are counting that makes three days last week.
    Let's hope she can keep up the pace.

    Casey Knowles for Obama '08

    Good stuff.

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Gina Update

    Gina was just on tonight's Law and Order, "Angelwood" is the name of the episode.
    She was a cop in the background and she was a body in the morgue, right next to the primary body. She's been working pretty regularly for the past few weeks.
    She already got two days in this week.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Arthur C. Clarke . . . is dead

    Whatever his flaws this man had a huge impact on myself, and many of my friends, to say nothing of the world at large.

    Barack Obama

    The truth, simple, direct and honest.
    I do not agree with every word of this. I am not some awe struck, empty minded, fanatic for Barack; and yet I am moved by the power of this speech. When did Hillary Clinton or John McCain ever give such a speech, or in any way, demonstrate this kind of clear minded leadership and personal integrity? Where I disagree with him I nonetheless understand and respect his point of view and that gives me hope.

    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    SNL: Tracey Morgan

    I got a good laugh out of this.

    "Why is it that whenever a black man gets too good at something in this country there's always someone to come around and remind us that he's black?"
    "I have a theory about that. It's a little complicated, but basically it goes like this; We are a racist country! The end!"
    - Tracey Morgan

    Friday, March 14, 2008

    I never got tha . . . oh wait, here it is.

    Last night Gina comes home from and tells me that one of our friends is put off because she sent me something for the blog and I totally ignored it.
    "That's not true, I never got it," I declared with my usual confidence. A quick search, however, revealed that I am a jackass and that I did indeed get it, I just never saw it. Too much mail, not enough time. I'm sorry about that. In any case I did get it and it is excellent. There is a link to an article that I had also read on the Daily KOS and a bit of a rant that I thought was pretty on the mark so here is a little of it.

    "Obama understands technology & is currently supported by the tech sector. He wants to see technology grow—he wants to concentrate on math & science in education. He doesn’t want to regulate the internet because some irresponsible parent isn’t monitoring what her kid is doing on the internet. He expects personal responsibility. Right now, one of the members on the committee for net neutrality is some senator from Alaska (I forget his name). He described the internet as a “series of tubes” and complained that his secretary sent him an “internet” on Monday night & he didn’t get it until Tuesday morning because it got log jammed by all the porn on there. THESE are the people Bush appointed to these committees because people of his generation don’t understand tech. And I haven’t seen anything different from Hillary in that regard. She’s picked up the same, “Think of the children!” rallying cry and has applied it to all media, including video games."

    Thanks Valkyrie

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Keith Olbermann tells it like it is.

    Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on Countdown.

    I agree with every word of this.

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    The Wire Update

    I think the two episodes that you can see Gina and I in are titled "Late Editions" and "-30-".
    Sorry for the confusion on this but, as always, we never know how they are going to edit or use anything we're in. The times you can see us are pretty good though, in both cases Gina is an on air reporter and I'm her camera guy. We really enjoyed these shoots and are looking forward, now that "The Wire" has wrapped, to seeing what comes next for that area.

    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    Bush says, "Yes, We CAN!" . . . to waterboarding

    That's just perfect.

    "I believe that we must reject torture without equivocation because it does not make us safe, it results in unreliable intelligence, it puts our troops at risk, and it contradicts core American values." — Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

    Friday, March 7, 2008


    From the BBC:

    Tragically, Douglas Adams died in 2001. So what does Stephen Fry, a close friend, voice of the audiobook, and possibly one of the most intelligent admirers of The Hitchhiker's Guide think?

    "Of course, it would be unfair for me to comment," he confides. "Douglas told me in the strictest confidence exactly why 42. The answer is fascinating, extraordinary and, when you think hard about it, completely obvious. Nonetheless amazing for that.

    "Remarkable really. But sadly I cannot share it with anyone and the secret must go with me to the grave. Pity, because it explains so much beyond the books. It really does explain the secret of life, the universe, and everything."