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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Shane sets the record straight

    I just heard from Shane and he says that the earlier reports that Stage 9 had delayed productions due to the WGA strike are off the mark.
    Check it out:

    So all is not lost.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    Virgin Galactic

    You know at the moment, I'm just hoping I can pay my bills and get by for another year but, man, I would take a trip like this in a second. Maybe they could set up an a list of alternate alternates who could ride for a substantially reduced rate (read "Free") for people who can't go at the last minute. I mean it would be a shame to waste those empty seats. Damn! I wish I could afford this.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Running update

    Well, it's winter so I'm doing my running and walking in the gym these days, which has the advantage that it also allows me to do a little weight training. This is about the running though, granted that the old treadmill is not the same as my course through the neighborhood, but still, I'm making some very exciting progress. Just tonight I was on the treadmill for a full hour. I ran the first mile and a quarter and then power walked most of the rest and then managed to run the last half a mile again. The important thing is that I kept moving the entire time. Those who know me will know at once that this is really a very big deal for me. I have never been able to maintain this level of activity before and the really good news is that it's not even that tough anymore. So I'm able to put in two or three sessions like that a week and right after that still put in some serious time on the weights and universal equipment. Clearly I'm on the cusp of getting into the best shape of my life and that's really exciting for me. All of this due to a new breathing technique.

    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    WGA Strike hits home in the 'Trenches'

    Disney Delays Stage 9
    This one hurts. Shane Felux , "Trenches" and even "Revelations" are in the news again today, I just wish it was better news all around. As regular readers will already know Gina and I both worked on Shane's new project "Trenches" and we're sad to see it delayed. On the other hand we support the WGA in their strike and are hopeful for a speedy and fair resolution to the situation. As I have mentioned before, I know Shane has been working really hard on this, while still holding down his full time job and trying to keep up with his kids. No-one likes to see that kind of effort get caught up in the wheels of the industry.
    Keep your chin up Shane.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Neurosky - a non-invasive brain-machine interface!

    Jedi training indeed!
    This is staggering in it's implications. Look at the simplicity of the interface. This is big news, as you can clearly see by the way almost no one is covering it.
    Actually, I've been following a few stories on this and I understand that a really big announcement in coming soon from one of the major game manufacturers. Let's look beyond gaming though. even given the limited scope of having to use it with smart devices (which are increasing in number every day) this has applications as yet undreamed for almost every aspect of our lives.
    Plus it's just plain cool.

    Friday, January 11, 2008


    Well, I finally took the time to expand my web presence even further, and set up a MySpace site.

    It's no big deal, but it's kind fun. I do find it interesting that I seem to be drawn into creating these external websites to manage the information that I used to keep on my own domain. There is a spreading out of my web presence over several sites as applications (finally) become more capable and convenient than just doing it all myself and allow me to take advantage of their established networking power.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2008

    Real Auto Mobiles

    Good stuff. However "ten years" out is way off the mark.
    If these guys can't take this from implementation to mass market in less time than that, someone else surely will. Also, while this version provides a strong demonstration, it is certainly not the last word in how to solve this problem. My estimate is more like three to five years.

    Saturday, January 5, 2008

    Pat Codell strike again.

    This guy is welcome at my place anytime.