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    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Running update

    Well, it's winter so I'm doing my running and walking in the gym these days, which has the advantage that it also allows me to do a little weight training. This is about the running though, granted that the old treadmill is not the same as my course through the neighborhood, but still, I'm making some very exciting progress. Just tonight I was on the treadmill for a full hour. I ran the first mile and a quarter and then power walked most of the rest and then managed to run the last half a mile again. The important thing is that I kept moving the entire time. Those who know me will know at once that this is really a very big deal for me. I have never been able to maintain this level of activity before and the really good news is that it's not even that tough anymore. So I'm able to put in two or three sessions like that a week and right after that still put in some serious time on the weights and universal equipment. Clearly I'm on the cusp of getting into the best shape of my life and that's really exciting for me. All of this due to a new breathing technique.

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