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    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    WGA Strike hits home in the 'Trenches'

    Disney Delays Stage 9
    This one hurts. Shane Felux , "Trenches" and even "Revelations" are in the news again today, I just wish it was better news all around. As regular readers will already know Gina and I both worked on Shane's new project "Trenches" and we're sad to see it delayed. On the other hand we support the WGA in their strike and are hopeful for a speedy and fair resolution to the situation. As I have mentioned before, I know Shane has been working really hard on this, while still holding down his full time job and trying to keep up with his kids. No-one likes to see that kind of effort get caught up in the wheels of the industry.
    Keep your chin up Shane.

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    SHANE FELUX said...

    No worries at all Frank. You might want to read this article.

    The delay really doesn't effect me as I am simply not close to having the film done. The Hollywood reporter article simply does not have the facts straight.

    My chin is up as far as it can go, which is resting on my keyboard in exhaustion, but we are seeing it through and doing good.

    Who loves ya!

    - shane