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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    April Fools 2008!: New artificial virus turns people into Zombies

    A new genetically engineered virus has been developed by a private research firm in Texas, that reportedly causes an infection similar to meningitis. However instead of being potentially lethal the viral infection affects that brain and body in such a way that people become literal zombies. Subjects exposed to the pathogen develop symptoms over a 24 hour incubation period that include a gray pallor with bruising, drooling, reduced body temperature, white irises, blackened fingernails and other zombie like physiological side effects.
    According to Dr. Robert Langstrom of Optigenictec in Texas said “We weren't expecting anything like this, we were actually doing research on a treatment for shingles.”
    Additionally sufferers lose the power of speech and become sensitive to light.

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    c-collins said...

    your cold was a little more serious than we had imagined?!