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    Friday, March 14, 2008

    I never got tha . . . oh wait, here it is.

    Last night Gina comes home from and tells me that one of our friends is put off because she sent me something for the blog and I totally ignored it.
    "That's not true, I never got it," I declared with my usual confidence. A quick search, however, revealed that I am a jackass and that I did indeed get it, I just never saw it. Too much mail, not enough time. I'm sorry about that. In any case I did get it and it is excellent. There is a link to an article that I had also read on the Daily KOS and a bit of a rant that I thought was pretty on the mark so here is a little of it.

    "Obama understands technology & is currently supported by the tech sector. He wants to see technology grow—he wants to concentrate on math & science in education. He doesn’t want to regulate the internet because some irresponsible parent isn’t monitoring what her kid is doing on the internet. He expects personal responsibility. Right now, one of the members on the committee for net neutrality is some senator from Alaska (I forget his name). He described the internet as a “series of tubes” and complained that his secretary sent him an “internet” on Monday night & he didn’t get it until Tuesday morning because it got log jammed by all the porn on there. THESE are the people Bush appointed to these committees because people of his generation don’t understand tech. And I haven’t seen anything different from Hillary in that regard. She’s picked up the same, “Think of the children!” rallying cry and has applied it to all media, including video games."

    Thanks Valkyrie

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