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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    Holodeck 1.0

    Check out the article here.

    Or the main site:

    Imagine the next generation of video games with this technology built in. Users interact directly with the objects in the game. No clumsy game controllers, no mastering the interface or game mechanics over the game play.
    To say nothing of the potential educational value.

    More than that, I can easily see designers using sophisticated software to extract complete virtual worlds from existing media. A computer scans "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy (for instance) and builds a complete, interactive, virtual world from the images and characters. Then programmers set up simple, but increasingly complex, tasks within the world. Users are sent on a quest to retrieve some artifact from some specific location within the virtual world and must travel there and interact with other player characters and non player characters along the way.
    The fun potential would be unlimited.

    When this is available you can find me in either the LOTR or the ST:TNG simulations but not the Harry Potter sim.

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    c-collins said...

    for you sir, it is Hello Kitty and thats is all you get!