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    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    "YES, WE CAN!"

    Thanks to Brigid for the image above.

    Well, here we are. I am going to have a drink, or six, continue to watch the returns and reflect on how happy this makes me. Patrick and I are making plans to go down to DC for the Presidential inauguration when the time comes, if anyone else is interested.

    "We have been told we can't do this by a chorus of cynics. We have been told to pause for a reality check. We have been warned against offering false hope. But in the history of America there has never been anything false about hope."
    - Barack Obama

    And this from Patrick:
    "Now I know how people must have felt when they heard Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr. speak. I literally have goosebumps.

    I made my peace with his nomination a few weeks ago, but tonight I'm on board, win or lose. Tonight I saw speeches from two senators, and a president.
    Obama '08."

    - Patrick

    We all feel in our day to day lives that occasional sense of hopelessness, of helplessness, of fighting a losing battle that we can never win. There are other times however when the stars align, the world spins our way and everything falls into place. The happy among us are those of us who can savor those moments.

    For me, this, is one of those.

    12:21 AM - Frank sleep now.

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    Brigid_Fitch said...

    Thanks for the credit on the pic.

    You know, I've been on & off the news blogs pretty much all day--since 2pm when the AP (erroneously) announced that Hillary was going to concede tonight. I've been watching the Obama supporters poised with their celebratory bottles of champagne waiting for tonight when history was about to be made. And it did.

    Listening to Obama's speech was just incredible. I agree with Patrick--this is what it must have been like to hear JFK or even Cicero speak. Obama walked off that podium leaving everyone feeling inspired. Praise for Hillary, praise for McCain ("I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine."), and finally:

    "This was the moment — this was the time."

    And I was here to see it happen.