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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Weekly Quotes

    Patrick: on the band KISS: "If you take all their songs, and only take away the bad ones, you have nothing. They are a bad band."

    Patrick: on asking Rudy Giuliani about foreign policy: "That's like asking a physics question of a guy who fell off a building."

    Collins: on me: "It was either the cure for cancer or the name of the alternate Andorian first officer from the animated series. Guess which won? It wasn't cancer."

    Me: on re-watching Star Trek the Animated series episode "Yesteryear" which Patrick bought me: "Apparently the Guardian of Forever has been taken over by Marley's Ghost for some reason."

    Gina: random quote: "Lady Clairol - Bitchy Stepmother - No. 5"

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