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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008


    Really listen to these charges and while you do it, think of all American the families that have lost loved ones. Then think of all the families of any nationality who have been devastated by this needless war.
    THANK YOU, Mr. Kucinich!!!


    c-collins said...

    I have to agree with Patrick on this. I will not gain any momentum. Remember Pelosi's words: Impeachment is off the table.

    Michael said...

    Unfortunately, while I completely agree with the charges and believe both Bush and Cheney are long overdue to being impeached. The democratic congress underneath Pelosi are complete cowards when it comes to taking on Bush.

    That and unfortunately while Kucinich though he fights the good fight, he doesn't really try to get backing before he does, and does it so much he doesn't even get real coverage for it. You'd think when a Congressman presents articles of impeachment you might hear about it somewhere other than a live C-Span broadcast.

    Brigid_Fitch said...

    As much as Bush deserves to be impeached more than any other president ever facing these types of serious charges, it's not going to happen. Politicians are politicians--they're looking for their next re-election. The way both sides see it, Bush is out in 219 days, so why drag the country through a long & expensive impeachment hearing? Yes, it's utterly dismaying that no one has brought this forward earlier, but the past is the past--we can't change it. We've railed against Bush and his insidious plots to erode our civil liberties, but our representatives have let us down.

    I'm sorry, but here's the reality: You want Bush's policies thrown out of the Executive Branch? Then vote Obama in November.

    Lance said...

    I agree with the others posting on this: Kucinich's demands for impeachment come far too little, far too late to make any difference. The INSTANT it was discovered that WMD's did not exist in Iraq and the Patriot Act was passed, Emperor Bush and Darth Cheney should have had movements of impeachment filed against them.

    Bill Clinton was up for impeachment just for sticking his wanker in the wrong woman(and I still say that if he had been doing someone HOT like Sade, Annie Lennox or Catherine Zeta-Jones, Congress members would have been giving him fist-pounds every time he walked onto the Senate floor), yet our "beloved" Emperor tosses the Constitution out the window(starting with his theft of the 2000 election), and no one does anything for 8 damn years??!!!

    Nothing's going to happen, and so all we can do is wait until January, when someone new steps into power and Bush has no choice but to leave the Oval Office(unless of course, he somehow manages to disband Congress--the Jedi Council--before then).