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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    The Thursday Night Quotes

    Patrick: On Iron Maiden: "Look a giant robot zombie walks out, he's like 10 or 12 feet tall - now that's musicianship."

    Patrick: On British Railways: "British Railways - Wouldn't you rather drive?"

    Frank: On flirting with beer girls at Renaissance fairs: "I make it a point of a honor never to flirt with a beer girl who won't fill up my wife as well."

    Pete: On Frank: "I'm the COMMANDER. I'll COMMAND things around here!"

    Pete: On Gina: "Well she is a movie star now."
    Frank: "Yeah ... and you've never seen a bigger diva in your life."
    Gina: "What!?"
    Pete: "Oh no, you're right, the other Diva's are much bigger."
    Patrick: "Well, . . . it's nice that this couch is reupholstered."

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