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    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Watching out for Watchmen

    Patrick and Brigid both sent me this link this morning.

    Here is Brigid's full message:
    "Some shots from the American trailer, lots of new shots.
    (Outrage at added scenes NOT in the comic to commence in 3...2...1...)

    "That is, of course, if the movie is ever released. Fox was granted distribution rights by a judge last week. If Warner plans to fight the decision at the 1/20 court date, it would suspend the film indefinitely. The ONLY way they'll keep the 3/6 movie release is if they negotiate a deal w/Fox--which doesn't look like they're going to do.

    "See--this is why Marvel created their own studio, so they don't have to put up with stuff like this anymore."

    1 comment:

    Lance said...

    The Japanese trailer is excellent...but what in the flying hell is up with Nixon's face?? I don't remember him being a freaky-deak in the comic, so this is the first example of bad makeup I'm seeing in this film.

    However, while Marvel did create their own studio so that legal messes like the Fox/Warner debacle can't happen, they weren't smart enough to buy back the rights to all their characters from various studios. If they had been, maybe The Punisher: War Zone would never have had to happen.