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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Watching from Home

    Watching history unfold from the house. Champagne at the ready! On Facebook, Twitter and Blog! Bye George, you will not be missed!



    Brigid Fitch said...

    I think this picture says it all:

    Lance said...

    I seemed at times like the past 8 years would never end, and we as a people would be shrouded in darkness forever.

    I told my brother today, watching Obama be sworn in, it was as if the Jedi had returned to restore peace and order to the Republic, and the Sith(Emperor Bush and Darth Cheney) were banished to the outer reaches of the galaxy!

    And yes, I know the official word is that Cheney hurt his back doing some moving...but I think what REALLY happened is that the power of evil fled his body, thereby confining him to lesser mobility.

    Truly, it is a new age for Camelot.

    Frank J. Hernandez said...

    Fox news reports: Hundreds of thousands throng DC to cheer outgoing President.
    - P.F.

    Steve L said...

    A new day that reflects on the past and points to the future.