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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Rough morning

    How are you today? Feeling those Monday blues?
    Well allow me to cheer you up by telling you about my morning. I am still hobbling around because it feels like I’ve got knives in the back of each leg but I manage to get through my morning routine without too much trouble and make it out the door of the house. That’s where things go right off the rails. I limp over to the car and the driver side door is frozen shut. I’ve seen this before, it only happens when it’s really cold and, as I spent most of the day on my back on Sunday, the car sat unused, in the cold, for more than a day. Great! So I shuffle over the passenger side and it’s working just fine. Okay then, I throw my backpack on the floor of the passenger side crawl inside and pull myself painfully into the driver’s seat. Then I do something I’m really going to regret. I try the driver side door from the inside. There a little resistance and a slight pop but the door opens. The trouble is that when I swing it out and back in an attempt to close it again, it simply bounces off of the car. It will not close. It is now frozen in a position that prevents it from latching. Great, just great! I start the car and turn up the heat to see if I can warm it up enough to get it to close. I know it’s just a matter of time and warmth, the thing is I don’t have either. I consider my options. It’s Monday and on Monday’s I like to hit the 7-11 right up the street and pick up some fat free milk for work, a lottery ticket and a hot coffee. I reason that I can hold the door closed long enough to make it to 7-11. I’ll park away from the doors (outside the no idling zone) and by the time I get my coffee and stuff maybe the car will be warm enough for the door the function properly. Decided I buckle up and put my plan into action. A few minutes later I am taking my time limping around the store getting what I need and then back out to the car. (Passing on my way two other cars left idling, right outside the door, in the no idling zone.) The driver’s side door however is still locked open. I need another plan. I decide to pop the trunk and see what I can use. I reach down the pull on the trunk release and . . . nothing happens. Ah ha! The trunk is frozen shut too. I sip my coffee in silence. The Universe is clearly trying to tell me something. I wonder what it could be. I decide that this is a test of some sort and I resolve to take it on as such. I turn off the car and take the keys around to the trunk. I try to open it directly, no luck, it’s really frozen tight. I throw my weight on the back of the car figuring that if I can compress it, just a little, that might break it loose. I try the key again and it works, take that Universe. I find a small piece of nylon rope in the trunk that will meet my needs perfectly. I close the trunk again and hobble back to the driver’s seat. Once inside I open the front and rear windows on the driver’s side just a little and run the rope through the window around the frame of the car and back through the rear seat window. I loop it a couple of times and tie it off. The door is now closed. I pull out of the 7-11 and make my way to work with the heat and stereo both up as high as I can take them. By the time I get to work the driver side door is working perfectly again.
    Now, don't you feel better?

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    Lance said...

    Sorry about your morning, dude. It sounds horrible(or a really funny opening to an eventually mediocre comedy).

    I was off Monday.

    Uhhh, yeah...I probably sound like a dick for typing that last part.

    Maybe Tuesday was better? :-)
    (thinks to self: GREAT save, Superman....!)