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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Today . . .

    "Chasing the horizon, Racing with the sky, Dreaming like a madman, As the scenery flies by . . ."
    - Original

    Also . . . looking forward to Pizza night.
    Gina is working again, on "Cupid".
    That's a TV show I'm given to understand.

    So much strange stuff going on it's hard to focus but remember;
    George Bush is no longer President!!

    That was for Patrick, who has taken to getting the attention of people in other cars, gesticulating to get them to roll down their windows and shouting it at them!
    Patrick: "Hey! HEY! George Bush is not President ANYMORE!" and he speeds away.

    . . .

    Wife: "Honey, who was that man?"
    Husband: "How the hell should I know? All I know is; I've got to scrape that damn McCain/Palin sticker off of the bumper."

    Seriously though, a couple of points:

    To the FOX News moron who said that because there was some missed cues over the actual oath, that Barack Obama might not actually be president, and that this could go to court, #*$% you, you #$!@$$# CENSORED CENSORED (Seriously, no one should read this!) CENSORED &*%% if you ever bothered to READ THE CONSTITUTION, IDIOT! Jesus Wept!
    Plus, they did it again anyway, just for you.

    Also, how many days do you think it will it take for Obama to do more good than the last guy did in eight years? Anyone?

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