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    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    What was that sound?

    That loud, but unidentifiable thump somewhere in the distance. That was the sound of the Universe taking a personal interest in crushing me. I'm not sure what I did, but clearly the powers that may or may not be, have decided that I was in need of some sort of cosmic (or is it karmic) correction. So, here I am walking along minding my own business when suddenly my life decides to implode. Maybe I had too good a time at Farpoint, maybe I cut off someone important in traffic without realizing it, maybe it's just the random luck of the draw and my number came up, who knows?
    What I do know is that in these times of crisis, I can always rely on those around me to pull together, roll up their sleeves and do what's needed. Never a cross word or a moment wasted on laying the blame. Just good, strong folks looking to do whatever they need to do to make things right again.

    It's a comfort in these times of crisis . . . in my imagination.

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