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    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Shane, "Treches" and "Revelations"

    "Also slated to debut this spring is the original science fiction action thriller "Trenches," from Shane Felux, the critically acclaimed filmmaker and creator of "Pitching George Lucas" and "Star Wars Revelations," which became online sensations. Set in another time, on another planet, "Trenches" begins in the waning days of a grueling war. A botched rescue attempt forces a young soldier and his unit to team up with their enemy to survive a brutal threat and escape the planet."

    We're still getting mentioned, years after the fact. Good Stuff!


    Kevin Christensen said...

    Just watched 'Revelations.' Nice job, very nice.

    I can only imagine the amount of collaboration and determination it must have taken to get that film made, and with such high production quality...



    Micah said...

    just watched Revelations, was very impressed and felt that your acting specifically was Hollywood quality. Very impressive work. Thanks for entertaining. :)