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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Back into the eye of the storm.

    The dogs of war have been let slip, back to North Carolina. Families around me have been restructured, and my life has settled back into the dull roar that is the usual level of chaos I am more comfortable with.

    If, in my more recent post, any of my regular readers were put off, or misunderstood where my anger was being directed, just let me say; I was not talking about you. We're still cool, I was just grumpy and railing at the universe.

    Meanwhile, as I say, things here are returning to that state that I laughably refer to as 'normal'.

    On the acting front, Gina and I both got a little screen time on the most recent episode of the HBO show "The Wire". We're also expecting to get a little more time in the final episode.

    Also I've been hitting the gym pretty hard these past few weeks and I can report that, for the first time, I was able to run 2 full miles. I'm only running about 4.5 MPH and I need to take it up to 6 MPH, but I'm making some serious progress and that's good.

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