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    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    What is best in life?

    "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. "
    - Conan the Barbarian


    Brigid_Fitch said...

    Update from your volunteer in the trenches: I have been phone-canvassing in Western PA (John Murtha territory) for Obama since last week. Early calls were disappointing (okay, downright scary), where I was asked about my affiliation to terrorist organizations, racial background, etc. But recently the cold-calls have been looking up. Out of 35 dials, I've reached 13 people. 9 were firmly for Obama, 2 had already cast their votes for McCain (based solely on Palin's "Christian views"), and 2 undecided.

    I tried my damndest to sway the undecideds, but I fear they'll vote for McCain solely on their unshakable stance that a win for Obama would lead to a "black uprising".

    The moral of the story: Fundies will be fundies--no argument on the face of the planet will sway them. Independents can be convinced if you have enough ammunition (i.e., access to Wiki) to utterly destroy their tenuous arguments. And Obama supporters are so behind their candidate, they'll shout it from their rooftops.

    This is unprecedented. I've never seen a more politically charged race as this one. But, by all accounts, Obama has this one in the bag. I can only implore all of you to vote--don't be taken in by complacency (which is what happened in 2004). Only by a landslide victory can Obama be named the next World Leader.

    I know anyone reading this is on the same page: Obama can repair the bridges between other world leaders, his healthcare plan is superior to McCain's, etc. Unless you cast your vote and persuade others to do likewise, all of this work is for naught.

    You want change? Get out there and help make it happen. End of story.

    Lance said...

    I agree with Brigid Fitch. I've actually been working on my Republican friends(many of them die-hards) who are actually jumping ship to vote for Obama.

    With respects to Fitch though, I've also been trying to refrain from saying things like "by all accounts, Obama has this one in the bag", simply because words sometimes affect the universe, and even though I'm not very superstitious, I don't want to jinx it for him. Remember, we all once thought Gore had it "in the bag"...before the dark times, before the Empire.

    I honestly hope Obama wins...we as a country can't survive four more years of this bullshit. The infrastructure of democracy as we know it will collapse completely.

    If by some cruel twist of fate Obama doesn't take the election, I'm renewing my passport and moving the fuck to England.