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    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Happy Birthday!!!

    To an old friend.
    Remembering the U.S.S. Integrity NCC-2112, Xenadria, and all the rest.
    All the best Brian.


    Brian said...

    I have been, and always shall be....your friend.


    H'Tan - Mr. Lu'Poch, should call you Mr. Lubbox! Imbicile!

    Logan - Well, I hope we've cleared things up for you Ken.


    Ah the shuttle. We knew it would never get better than that.

    The blue makeup of an android for the mummers day pararde, I shouldnt have needed it on that cold day. Poor Collins.


    The daytime flight of a certain woman from her home with a rental van and a rushed packing job.


    No hiding in the cars during paintball foreman.....and no eating the mercury pellets.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I just happened to visit your page today and was surprised to see myself staring back at me.

    Talk to you later!


    Frank J. Hernandez said...

    "Grapes of Wrath!!!"


    The Transporter

    Casting Phasers, Commbadges and pips.

    "8:30? In the Morning? At your house?"

    The State Dinner

    and so much more.

    brian said...

    No, reeeeeaaalllly big!

    *wave of hand* you will not give me a ticket.


    Whattya mean congrats on being diplomatic, we didn't get to shoot ANYONE (paintball mission)

    Me? XO?

    Jess - never know when trouble is waiting for you around the corner! *giggling laser tag gun in hand*

    Have some domain tweun my good man, it's the nectar of the gods!

    Someone shot me in the bum!

    Here's our money, 1 cart. Yes I know we're townies.

    Frank can take this stupid disc and shove it up his.....

    *knock knock* This one's locked, blow up the building.