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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Senate Approves Bailout - with a side of Pork!

    "In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit."
                – Ayn Rand

    "Calm, thinking villains, whom no faith could fix,
    Of crooked counsels and dark politics."
                - Alexander Pope, Temple of Fame 

    Delia Surridge: "You're going to kill me now?" 
    V: "I killed you ten minutes ago while you slept."

                - V for Vendetta

    So, let me get this straight? Some Republicans don’t think the Economic Rescue Package (AKA: The Bailout) is a good idea and will not vote for it. Period! They have drawn a line in the sand and taken a stand.

    “This is a matter of principle. It’s too much money. We can’t put that kind of burden on the tax payers, and our children
      . . . unless of course you tack on a few more bucks for us!”

    . . .

    “I’m sorry. What was that last part?”

    “We want our cut, not too much; another 150 Billion ought to do it. Then we’ll vote for it.”

    . . . 


     . . .

    I mean just when you think nothing else they can do will surprise you.
    Where does this leave us? You might be inclined to ask. Well, I don't know. 
    It seems like the only thing worse than this passing this plan is not passing this plan. 
    A seemingly legitimate case of "Do something, even if it's wrong." 
    We'll do this, and um, fix it later if it doesn't work. 

    "We have come together in unprecedented bipartisan cooperation, to pass this historic bill, and make sure we all get our cut! 
     to us!"

    1 comment:

    c-collins said...

    This plan is an embarrasment to the nation. I pay the house shoots it down again. But I fear the bribes were big enough.

    They really should have taken a month and done it right.

    Of course the house votes on this friday to take away media attention from the debates in case Palin screws the pooch.