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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Debate Night 3

    A little live debate blogging here tonight. I am watching the pre show right now with Patrick.

    "I think McCain's only chance is to play the Robin Williams card and show up tonight dressed as George Washington." - Frank

    Patrick - "Ah, the second in command of Al-Qaeda in Iraq has been killed  . . . again."
    Frank -  "Man that spot is like being an Admiral under Darth Vader."

    McCain is flailing. "Joe the Plumber?" what the hell are you talking about?

    Finally, "That says more about you than it does about me!" I've been waiting forever for him to say something like that.

    Bob Schieffer keeps giving the last word to McCain.

    Hey Bob, are you going to give Senator Obama the last word at least once tonight? At least make a pretense of being impartial? Just wondering. -Patrick

    "Joe the Plumber" returns!! - Patrick

    From the Daily KOS

    Well that's it. McCain came on strong, but I think Obama took it overall.
    Patrick thinks Obama won by a wide margin.


    c-collins said...

    McCains best performance...but thats not saying a lot.

    McCain had best AND worst lines of the night.

    Obama played a solid defense and wins.

    McCain needed to do something here and just seemed spastic next to a calm cool Obama.

    real winner tonight: Joe the Plumber

    Brigid Fitch said...

    Best moment of the entire debate (Paraphrasing):

    McCain: "I'd like Senator Obama to explain to Joe the Plumber what his fine is going to be for not providing medical care."

    Obama: "Zero"

    I swear, if McCain had been drinking something, it would have been a classic spittake. You could see the ancient gears turning--"Now why the hell didn't my campaign tell me small businesses were exempt??"

    Slam dunk for Obama.

    Watch the clip: