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    Monday, September 8, 2008

    World to end this week?

    Here is how this works, people are worried that when CERN starts it's new, super sized, super collider later this week it may spawn mini-blackholes or otherwise generate exotic paritcles that lead to the end of life as we know it. Utter hogwash. 

    A much more likely scenario goes like this. 
    Cern starts the new gizmo and after it starts building up to full power over the next several months, it will generate exotic particles that we have never seen before and answer questions about the big bang and the origin of the universe. 

    Of course, if you were an hostile alien civilization elsewhere in the universe (or perhaps in an alternate dimension), and you were looking for advanced civilizations that might pose a threat to you, you might be inclined to scan the known eleven dimensions for such extemly rare exotic particles. 
    You might futhermore be inclined to track them back to their source and deploy your mini kill bots and larger blunt bottomed, structure smashing, transformer like, civilation killer bots to crush anything larger than a two story house.

    I'm just saying is all. 

    Why stop there though, maybe we are on the cusp of extraterrestrial contact with a friendly, post singularity civilzation also on the look out for those self same exotic particles that only a super super collider can produce. 

    Maybe the good friendly aliens and the hostile aliens fight it out in some higher dimension and we get caught in the middle. Or maybe we never even know about this battle between titans. 

    Most probable of all though is that we'll have to keep trudging along at our current pace, just as we have been, for a little while longer at least. 

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