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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Weekly Quotes

    Patrick on the election poll questions:
    “Where do they get these questions? ‘Who looks better in a sailor hat?’”

    Patrick on the movie “The Wild Geese”:
    “Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris join forces to overthrow an African dictator – right after this scotch.”

    “Are you comparing Russell Crowe to Richard Burton? There’s a kind of sacrilege going on here.”

    and finally someone (I won’t say who) sent me the following:


    Best part of the article:

    "We don't think that talking about specific negotiating tactics or your negotiating position in the press is the best way to negotiate a deal," Perino said after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was quoted in a magazine article supporting the 16-month troop withdrawal timeline proposed by Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate.

    A spokesman for the Obama campaign responded, "Even Iraqis want us to leave Iraq, so Bush and McCain can go eat a dick. Jesus Christ. Somebody wake me up when one of them says something relevant. If John McCain was on fire I wouldn't cross the street to piss in his face." A spokesman for the McCain campaign attempted to contact the Associated Press for an official comment, but we did not accept the charges.

    ...I may have edited that a little, for the sake of clarity, but I think the giste of it is still pretty clear: George W. Bush and John McCain should both go eat a dick.

    I read that, probably as you just did, thinking the whole thing was a serious article!
    The result was a long period of trying to clean coffee out of my keyboard.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hey, have you seen "Goodnight Bush" yet? It's a parody of "Goodnight Moon," and OMG! is it FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!