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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Shore Leave

    Just a couple of quick notes here from Shore Leave:
    As always happens at these events the space time continuum broke down, lurched from one dimension to another, rolled around on the floor a bit, then settled down, had a drink and finally righted itself by midday Sunday. Between Friday night and Sunday however much fun was had by most.

    A Romulan Commander: "What the hell is she drinking?" Gina whispered.
    "With Romulans," I replied quietly, "it's best not to ask."

    Benjamin Franklin showed up for a bit. On meeting Gina and realizing when he was, he was heard to lament: "Ah, to be 170 again."

    Barbarella started disputing the bar bill, and things looked dicey, but local station law man O'Niel showed up and quickly set things right.

    Dinner with Klingons - "Vegetables are not food! Vegetables are what food eats!" he declared.
    "Relax," I said, "try the Salmon. It taste just like wild Targ."

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