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    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    The Prize is won!

    Universal Turing Machine Is Proved!
    This is a major breakthrough that of course the mainstream media is just too plain stupid to recognize. (There I said it!) What is noteworthy here is how long it didn't take and how simple the actual machine itself can be.
    From the article:

    "I had no idea how long it would take before the prize was won. A month? A year? A decade? A century? Perhaps the question was even formally undecidable (say from the usual axioms of mathematics).

    But today I am thrilled to be able to announce that after only five months the prize is won--and we have answer: the Turing machine is in fact universal!

    Alex Smith--a 20-year-old undergraduate from Birmingham, UK--has produced a 40-page proof."

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