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    Friday, October 5, 2007

    On Faith presents "The Problem with Atheism" by Sam Harris

    This is a bit long but certainly worth reading.
    Hat tip to Posthuman Blues and KurzweilAI for pointing this out.

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    Lance said...

    Sam Harris' posting is virtually identical in double-talk and rhetoric as anything out of George Orwell's "1984" or more eerily, Scientology.

    It is ironic that in one breath he calls those who believe in God "insane" and the Christian religion itself "idiotic", then in the next labels us as the "Christian brothers and sisters" of atheists while condemning the ENTIRETY of Muslim religion, when the simple FACT is that it is only a small yet virulent group that deal in extremism. If in fact the ENTIRETY of the Muslim world were up in arms against us, the ensuing war would make what's going on in Iraq now seem like a tea party.

    Harris also makes the idiotic mistake of referring to his own group he's addressing as "brothers and sisters", not realizing the irony that the term originally sprang from religious roots, most notably in the biblical writings of Paul when addressing various people(Thesselonians, Corinthians, etc.) that had come to believe in Jesus.

    Or, as Mel Brooks said to his pal in History of the World pt. 1: "Dopeus!"

    The problem with atheists like Harris--and I'm not saying ALL atheists, just some--is that they hide behind the banner of "reason" while writing papers titled "Science must destroy religion" and openly scoffing at the beliefs of the religiously faithful. How can a reasonable person hurtfully mock another, just because their belief system is different? Christians and others who believe in Buddha, Allah or any of the other thousands of names for God don't actively do this.

    Like most, I at first feel a swell of anger toward Mr. Harris...but in the end, with so little for him to believe in beyond the finality of his own mortal existence, I feel pity.