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    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    U.S.S. Integrity NCC-2112 - Reboot

    We are getting ready to relaunch the ship.

    This time it will be different and a bit of an experiment.
    This time there will be no dues, newsletter or monthly meetings.
    We will have the occasional away missions to conventions, museums, renaissance fairs and so on (but to be fair Gina and I never really stopped doing any of that).
    This time we will be writing an on going storyline that you can follow (on our new BLOG, Facebook group and Twitter account's) with the characters on the ship getting into (and hopefully out of) various scrapes.
    Any real time role playing will have to wait for some kind of acceptable interface.
    If you want to see your character in the logs; send me an email with a character name, Star Trek race (Human, Vulcan, etc.) age, desired section (Sciences, Operations, Bartender, Etc), desired rank (no promises) and as much or as little detail as you feel you need. Do not feel limited to whatever you had before, consider this a chance to start over.
    Finally, do not worry about the time line or the changes from most recent movie (We got that!). The setting is still a Galaxy Class Starship and Captain Logan is still in Command. Everything that has gone before will serve as back story.


    Anonymous said...

    What's the point, Frank? None of us exist anymore!

    (At the very least I can guarantee that, if they ever get this far ahead in the new canon, the Galaxy Class won't look the same.)


    U.S.S. Integrity NCC-2112 said...

    I told you not to worry about that. We got it. Just go with the flow. Of course if you don't want to, that's cool too. No pressure.