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    Monday, May 11, 2009

    From Facebook

    Frank J. Hernandez OH MY GOD!!! I just went to play Star Trek: conquest on my Wii and . . it's .. it's gone, there's nothing there . . erased from existence!
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    Timothy Young at 9:48pm May 11
    It's been replaced by a younger, hipper game.

    Bill Kieffer at 9:49pm May 11 via Facebook Mobile
    Did u upload red matter?

    Frank J. Hernandez at 10:16pm May 11
    The stars look right but . . Vulcan is gone!

    Timothy Young at 10:23pm May 11 if millions of voices suddenly accepted their fate logically, and were suddenly silenced.


    Lance said...

    Hey, Frank...check this out if you haven't seen it yet. It's about the next Star Trek film:

    Anonymous said...

    Christ, what did I tell you, they're already talking about remaking WRATH OF KHAN. What a goddamn waste of time. "Free to tell new stories" my ass, they're just going to spin out sub-par variants of the old stuff and jazz it up with new effects and lame one-liners. ugh.

    Oh but remember, "STAR TREK is fun again!" or something.


    Lance said...


    Star Trek IS fun again! long as you hit yourself in the head multiple times with a claw hammer, so that you don't remember the original series or the movies that came before this one.


    ...because your father's Star Trek MADE SENSE. ;-)

    Anonymous said...

    i'm eagerly looking forward to leonard nimoy's forthcoming book, "he is not spock; i am"