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    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Welcome to the twenty first century.

    That was really something. We watched until just after 1:00 AM and then I called it a night and went to bed and slept the sleep of the just.
    Thanks to everyone who came over and made the night special. Years from now we will remember last night and where we were and who we were with. From the tears in Patrick's eyes when President Elect Barack Obama officially won, to the tears in mine during his victory speech, we were all moved.
    McCain's speech was very gracious, but many of us will not easily forget nor forgive the tactics that he and his supporters employed throughout his campaign. The same goes for Hillary.
    I hope that those who, out of ignorance, fear and hate are nay saying this historic victory and overwhelming mandate from the people, will take a moment to reassess their fundamental assumptions. You are wrong and you always have been.
    To those of you who are saying smugly "He won't live to see the end of his first term . . ." "Not that I hope that anything happens, but . . ."
    You are despicable cowards. You have already lost. Nothing that happens after this will change that. Your fear and anger make you weak and will not save you. Your compassion might. To the most hardcore among you, who are looking to forward to Palin in 2012, heh, that's a really good idea, I think you should go with that!

    I hope that the overwhelming national losses among Republicans will spell another chapter towards the end of the entire socially conservative movement as a national force and relegate it to fractured, powerless, regional aberration and eventual, ultimate death.
    Welcome to the twenty first century, we can no longer afford to indulge your obfuscation, intolerance, superstition and ignorance.
    If this sounds a little harsh, good, it is meant to be.
    The future is here, now! From here we will see more change on more fronts, coming faster and faster, the likes of which most of you literally cannot imagine.
    Buy a helmet and buckle up!

    Finally in light of all of this I hope that, now that this battle has been won, I can post fewer political items and more about the rapid advance of change that is my primary interest here on my blog.

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    c-collins said...

    This was just a battle. An important one, but still only a battle. The war is far from over. The Theocons will be back after they purge the GOP of the moderates and RINO's. They are legion.
    The country is very centrist overall. After LBJ every president has been a conservative to some degree. Now we have gotten back to dead center. Obama is a centrist. If he does not produce results by 2010 the needle could shift back right. He is being given a train wreck of a country and the expectations are high.
    All Obama's proposals will have to survive the house and senate. They will not come out unchanged. I really hope he can pull it off. But it is a monumental task.
    There is some evidence the country leans ever so slightly to the right. Just look at the answers to all the pulic questions around the country CA prop 8 in particular.