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    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    New Star Trek Trailer

    This movie scares the hell out of me. I have not dreaded the release of a movie like this since . . . well . . . ever. I have nothing clever on this, it's just such a huge step in the wrong direction. We have the Star Trek universe. All established and, you know, memorized by people like me . . . okay just me, but it's done, it's all fixed.
    Then they do three seasons of Enterprise, which didn't find it's legs until the third season, when it was already on the chopping block. Fine though, I can work this in.
    Now, I see these previews and they show Kirk really young and then the Enterprise being built and then (Bang!) he's on the bridge! He's in command!
    What happened to Christopher Pike? That whole Talos IV thing, the thirteen years Spock served on the ship before Kirk even came along. To say noting of Robert April from TAS thank you very much.
    Who the hell do these people think they are?
    I haven't been this mad since Star Trek V!
    Goddamn it!!!


    Brigid Fitch said...

    Give it a chance, Frank. Granted I'm hardly a Trek fan, but I have faith in JJ Abrams. He hasn't steered me wrong yet. If you want to know how he's getting away with changing Trek lore, read the spoiler below:

    SPOILER ALERT!!:The entire plot revolves around Spock trying to stop a couple of time-traveling Romulans. Their presence in the mid-23rd Century can muck up the timestream, allowing for plenty of changes in Trek Canon. Chalk up everything you don't like to an alternate Trek reality due to Romulan interference.


    Besides, why so upset of the lack of Pike in the movie, yet defend Star Trek: Enterprise? You remember that show--the one that introduced Romulans a couple hundred years before "Balance of Terror"? Trek's full of contradictions--just go with the flow.

    Andrew Glazebrook said...

    I'm not pleased with the idea of the Enterprise being built on Earth and not in orbit. And I don't like the sound of time travel even in what maybe a small capacity being used in Trek again !!

    Lance said...

    I'm absolutely with you on this, Frank. Not to mention that in "The Menagerie", Kirk did say "I never met Christopher Pike"...yet here they are, serving together??!

    J.J. Abrams has admitted to not being a Star Trek fan...which begs the question, "Why the hell did you take on this project?" To which the answer is obviously: "Because I wanted to put my OWN stamp on Star Trek, and make it cool with the newbies and general audiences, because then it would be MY vision!"

    What the hell is Kirk doing sneaking a peek at Uhura? I love Simon Pegg to death, but he is WRONG for Scotty! Not to mention, Sulu and Chekov should still be at Starfleet Academy, NOT serving on the ship!

    J.J. Abrams comes up with great concepts, but it's in his follow-through that he falters. I had some mild interest, curiosity and enthusiasm to see this film, but I am not interested in it in the slightest anymore. The only reason I'm going to see it, sadly, is because it will be an event film, and I'll have to review it.

    I hope I'm pleasantly surprised and will be able to eat my words when it comes out...but somehow, I feel I'll be sitting at a table with an empty plate.