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    Monday, November 3, 2008

    Here we go!

    Okay, for the next 24 to 48 hours everything will be under this post, so refresh early and refresh often.

    Earlier I posted that the Obama sign in my yard had been stolen. Well, yesterday it happened again. Luckily I was prepared and had a spare sign ready to go. So to the person who keeps stealing my yard sign - YOU ARE AN UN-AMERICAN COWARD!!!

    I am live on Twitter and will try to stay there as much as I can for the next few hours.

    6:52 AM Up Early and headed out to VOTE!!! "YES, WE CAN!!!"

    7:15 AM The deed is done!!! Small lines and no trouble this morning. Gina went with me and this was her first time voting.

    I for one am very glad to have been wrong in my predictions that these elections might have been suspended for some emergency. Now to make plans to attend the inauguration.

    This is looking more and more like a landslide of biblical proportions. All of the evidence is anecdotal so far . . . but still.

    We're seeing a lot of Voter problems and people are starting to panic.
    Then I got this from Patrick:

    The suspense is killing me over here!!!

    5:19 PM Okay, I am home and watching the coverage. What are we doing to food around here?

    Fox news (Yes I monitor Fox news too) Exit polls
    New Voters-------OBAMA----McCain

    Not sure what to think of this, it may be a tactic by the Republicans to skew the exit polls, but if true it would indicate . . . 40 STATES!!!!

    7:58 PM Man, this is tighter than I hoped it would be.
    Let's see what happens next.

    9:24 PM They just called Ohio for Obama and Pat and Chris are exchanging high fives and saying it's over.

    10:00 PM God answers Palin's prayers; "No," God says.

    11:02 PM IT'S OVER!!! WE WON!!! CHAMPAGNE all around here at Chateau Elysium!
    BUSH you are FIRED!!!

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, . . ."
    - Declaration of Independence

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
    - Martin Luther King Jr.


    Brigid Fitch said...

    Dixville Notch, NH just finished voting & the results are in! 15 votes Obama, 6 votes McCain. Hoping this trend will continue. Goodnight!

    Sarah said...

    We're eating pretty well here chez Cowings-Felux. And in a pretty good mood -- CNN's giving him 207 and then you add in CA, OR & WA....


    Brian S. said...

    VIRGINIA WENT BLUE!! OMFG!! VIRGINIA WENT BLUE!! Break out the brownies!!! Halleluia!

    Lance said...

    It was so friend and his wife in New York(I currently exist in Virginia), who were both rooting for Obama, were watching the news.

    At first it seemed fairly close as results slowly rolled in, and they were worried. They changed the channel for a moment, changed it back to hear "President-Elect Obama" and were like, "Whoa! What the hell did we miss??!!" They were loving it, as am I.

    By the way Frank, I stole the "I Got This" for my MySpace blog, and e-mailed it to all my friends in real life, because it's just so damn cool.

    Finally, the reign of Emperor Bush and Darth Cheney will soon come to an end. For once, THE GOOD GUYS WIN!!!!!!