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    Monday, September 24, 2007

    Scenes from our lost Pirate Weekend

    From the log of the 'Intruder' - diary of Captain Mad Wolf - The Pirate:
    Weather clear.

    This past weekend Bloody Mary and I made port in Maryland. We arranged quarters land side for both days so that nothing would get in the way of our plundering and bawdy good times. Sadly, some the crew had been swept off course on the last night, but they managed to make it back to the ship, so we pressed on without them.

    We shared our first day with friends and drink. We kept the blood spill'n to a minimum so as not to get chased off before the first night.

    Ah, Pirate love.

    The second day we were in high spirits and met up with even more friends

    Ah, the very spirit of the day.

    Drinks and songs at one of the local taverns.

    This here be the very king of the port. First we were gonna hold him for ransom. Then we thought to just kill him outright, keep his rings and sell his clothes to cover our bar tab. In the end, he turned out to be so merry a fellow, we shared some laughs and some drink and let him go.
    "Save the King!"

    I can't remember clearly who some of these scurvy dogs are, I know Mary of course and there's Bonny Kate back there, and . . . ah . . . that other lass was named Mellisa, I think,
    She weren't much of a talker, as I recall.
    But clearly we were well in our cups, and having a grand time of it.

    I'd like to tell you more or show you more pictures, what with all the hot wenches, the lip fencing, the seductive food eating contest, Mad Mike the Emu Lover and other saucy stories,
    but alas, we all took a solemn oath -
    "What happens at Pirate Weekend,
    stays at Pirate Weekend!"

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