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    Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    Dieting and the Quantum properties of Calories

    As anyone even remotely familiar Quantum Mechanics knows, certain sub atomic particles change their behavior based on whether or not they are observed. Well I have discovered that Calories are Quantum Particles, or at least, they behave in the same way. Those of you who know me, know of my lifelong struggle to avoid diabetes and control my weight. I’ve been too heavy for too long a time. The trick is I don’t always look too heavy because I have a Mesomorph body type and I carry it pretty well, but really I’ve been too heavy. I have been really careful about my diet for, well, just about forever. I almost never eat any fast food or pork of any kind if I can help it. I rarely eat steak or chicken, and then only the leanest, best cuts I can find. I do eat a lot of fish, grains, and vegetables and so on - but even after years of working out, cutting down and watching my portions; I was healthy, I was strong, but I was still just too heavy. When I did “Revelations” for instance I was over 200 pounds, I won’t say how much over, but I was over. (As an aside there is nothing like having lots of video of yourself to really inspire you to watch your diet, let me tell you.)
    In any case, as of today, I can report I’ve got it beaten. Today I am 185 pounds and I plan to lose just a bit more in my efforts to get “really ripped” as the body builders say. How did I finally and at long suffering last do it? What was the final thing that I changed allowed me to start really losing and keeping off the weight?


    Well, that’s not exactly true. It’s true that I’m eating the same, very careful diet and now it’s working, but not because I changed the diet itself. As near as I can tell it’s working because I made a spreadsheet of the foods I eat, with the calories for each food and I keep a week long list of what I eat per day. I also weight myself every morning and 'presto' now it works.
    So it seems that calories like quantum particles behave differently if you watch them very carefully. I want to stress here that the actual amount of the calories isn’t all that relevant. What is crucial is the exactitude with which you measure your calorie intake. Check the labels and don’t round the numbers, count everything and see if it works for you.

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