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    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Apogee - Jethro Tull

    Just because I like it:

    Sailing round the true-blue sphere---
    Is it too late to bale out of here? 
    Well, there has to be some better way
    To turn back the night,
    Spin on to yesterday.

    The old man and his crew---
    After all these years,
    It's apogee.
    Pilot training and remorse---
    Spirit friends fly too,
    At apogee.
    Apogee --- solar bright.
    Apogee --- through the night.
    Apogee --- over ground.
    Don't think I'll be coming down.

    Screened for a stable mate
    With nerves of ice we flew,
    At apogee.
    No creativity allowed
    To pass through stainless veins of steel,
    At apogee.
    Apogee --- put the kettle on.
    Tight-lipped --- soldier on.
    High point --- communicate.
    Don't forget to urinate.

    So glad they put this window in.
    How to explain, how to begin? 
    See! Tennyson and Wordsworth there
    Waiting for me in the cold, thin air.

    Beware a host of unearthly daffodils
    Drifting golden, turned up loud.
    Tell the boys back home,
    I'm gonna get some.

    The wrong stuff's loose in here ---
    I'm climbing up the walls,
    At apogee.
    So hoist the skull and bones ---
    Death and glory's free,
    At apogee.

    A stranger wind, a solar breeze ---
    I'm walking out upon the starry seas.
    See pyramids, see standing stones ---
    Pink cotton undies and blue telephones.

    Goodbye, cruel world that was my home ---
    There's a cleaner space out there to roam.
    Put my feet up on the moons of mars ---
    Sit back, relax and count the stars.

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