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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Looks like Ragnarök!!!

    Here is a quick shot of the backyard. Needless to say I am working from home today. In fact, my company has decided to stay closed and have everyone work from home today. Hopefully all the work I've done over the past year making sure people can work from anywhere will pay off today. Meanwhile we are all set here at the house, except, that the milk, that I have plenty of here in the house, has gone off.
    Oh well, black coffee and rice cakes for me. I went shopping for food yesterday so we are all set on everything else. The snow shovel and salt are by the door and we have a lit candle right next to a bunch of utility candles ready to go in the event that we lose power. We're just going to hunker down wait it out.

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    Phoenix said...

    Well I was pleasantly surprised today to find solidified water particles all over the yard and roadway. Though I normally would have to go to work at 2pm the office shut down today. Granted more snow is coming but tonite it's going to be 16 degrees and I'm a warm weather type myself. With the economy the way it currently is I'm sure that played a big part in them doing a shutdown since normally they would be open regardless. But it give me chance to catch up on some movies and computer stuff. We did lose power last nite from 1am to 4am so be sure you check your batteries for any flashlights. But at least the cell phone lights are strong enuff to move around the house with until you can get to a real flashlight file that in things we learn while stumbling in the dar..