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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Meet the 'New' old Enterprise

    Check out the whole original article and more pictures here.
    Also thanks to Patrick for sending this over.
    Now then, my problem with this is the nacelles which look almost steam punk. Why not just put a pair of giant wagon wheels back there. They are out of proportion and they do not fit with the original look or the look we saw in "First Contact" on the Phoenix or on "Enterprise". Also the Bussard collectors on the front of the nacelles need to be red.
    At first glance the deflector array (the part on the front bottom of the secondary hull) looks like it is straight off of the NCC-1701-A. It's looks anachronistic. However on closer inspection it really is very nice. The neck mounted torpedo launchers are also anachronistic but we'll let that go. The rest of it is not too bad. There is nice smoothing of the back of the neck of the ship. The neck overall looks bulkier and reinforced, but that's the kind of change I can live with. The lines on the ventral view are very nice and true to the original. Also the saucer section seems to have an NCC-1701-D style observation lounge behind the bridge, but here again, overall the saucer section looks pretty good and of course the detail is splendid.
    Those are my impressions after just a quick glance but this is the problem with taking the whole Star Trek universe backward instead of forward. Oh well, we will see how it all comes together.
    To those of you who are reading this and going "OMG what a geek?!!"
    Shut up!
    I know more about this stuff than you know about real life.
    Just shut the hell up!


    Lance said...

    Frank, you're laying out the exact concerns I have, both with this ship and the film overall. I also don't like the way the secondary hull tapers off like a mercilessly squeezed tube of toothpaste. Are shuttlecraft even able to fit in there??

    My other problem, of course, is with the 90210 casting...which was parodied brilliantly in a YouTube video called "Star Trek as Smallville Opening Credits". The mixmaster got it exactly right; this is almost as bad as Warner Bros. original plan to have a 21 year-old Batman in their (thankfully) aborted Justice League movie.

    J.J. Abrams is great with concepts...but it's always in his EXECUTION where the deal falls flat. Sadly, we can only wait and see how it turns out...

    Eric Young said...

    The nacelles look like sex toys for crissakes!

    Lance said...


    In case you haven't heard, Paramount is supposed to be DISCONTINUING the original cuts of the original series on DVD, so that now all that will be available in stores will be the recent "remastered" versions.

    It's a tough time to be a Trek fan.