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    Monday, August 13, 2007

    Big NEWS from "The Wire"

    Okay, where to start?
    This past Sunday Gina and I worked on the HBO show “The Wire”.
    Special thanks here go out to Larry Carter and the whole Carter Clan for getting us in on this job and for letting Gina and I stay with them the night before, respectively. It was great meeting Larry’s family and they made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Also thanks to the good folks at
    Thanks again guys!

    Now back to the BIG news, doing an HBO show, in and of itself, is not really a big deal for us.
    As to the details Gina played an on air reporter and I played her cameraman. We both got some excellent camera time, especially Gina.
    However, you’ve heard this kind of thing before.
    We did such and such for (insert show here) and look for us as background blur one and foreground blur two in this episode - blah , blah, blah!
    So what, who cares?
    (That’s some attitude you’ve got!)

    Okay so what is the really BIG NEWS?
    (Keep your shirt on I’m getting to that.)
    The really BIG NEWS is that Gina and I both worked under Sag waivers.
    (Again, so what? I hear some of you asking.)
    Well, I’ll tell you ‘so what’.
    What this means is that Gina got her last Waiver and that as of today Gina is now a full time, professional Actress - that’s ‘so what’.
    That’s the REALLY big news!!!
    This means that Gina (and I) will have to bow out, as gracefully as we can manage, from some upcoming amateur projects. This can’t be helped, especially in her case, but it also means that Gina will be auditioning for all kinds of high paying SAG projects. Some of which we already have leads on. I hate to say anything here, because I don’t want to ‘count my chickens before they hatch’ but just allow me to stretch a metaphor here and say that there are suddenly a whole lot of eggs and a few more pregnant chickens to spare around here, so to speak.
    Not just for Gina - but for both of us.
    As a side note, related to all of this, yesterday was my first SAG waiver and, while again I can’t say too much here, I have been given good reason to expect the others in really short order.
    But I don’t want to steal the spotlight from Gina on this.

    This is her moment, Gina is now a professional actress, she has worked very hard for this and I am very proud of her.

    So, what now?
    New headshots all around
    Website updates
    IMDB updates
    WAY more auditions for Gina
    Notices going out to agents, casting directors and to other groups we are (or have been) working with
    and on and on and on.
    Stay tuned.


    Jo said...

    Awesome! Congrats to both of you (but especially Gina!) --Jo

    Andrew said...

    Congratulations guys, I knew you could do it!

    ~Andrew L.

    Phoenix said...

    Way to go Gina!, Kudos and Congrats all around to both of you. This is excellent news.
    It definately gives me hope that at some point I too will be able to follow thru with this same endeavor. I've been there in that Blur 1 and 2 spot. I'm always keeping my feelers out there for upcoming gigs etc. Just did one here in town for " From Within" with Rumer Willis due out next year. That puts 3 under my belt so far. ( though nothing with waivers yet.. sigh..)
    So yes, yes indeed you've made it Gina! Now show them what you've got. Take them by Storm! :)


    Gina Hernandez said...

    Thanks so much, Guys! I couldn't have gotten this far without the un-faltering love and support of my husband, and the positive encouragement of all of you!! And, of course, being "Discovered" by Shane! LOL!!

    SHANE FELUX said...

    That is great guys! Just wait till you see the SAG dues .. yeah. It's a great step forward and live that dream. What do you have to lose. Go for it. Congrats Gina!