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    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    Another waiver from "The Wire"

    This time for me, that gives me two, for anyone who is counting. Gina and I both went down again and worked today. It was a bit of a rush job, but it was totally worth it. Special thanks to Steve and Ann who let us spend the night at their place . . again. I say "again" because we had just been down there for Steve to take our new head shots. Look for updates to our acting web-pages shortly. Seriously guys thank you both very much for your generosity and hospitality . . . and patience.


    Steve L said...

    Our pleasure. Just remember us in your Oscars speech.


    Phoenix said...

    Way to go Frank! Looks like your predictions were right and your well on your way too. Thats Great news.
    Will these have any affect on your production company projects?

    Anonymous said...

    congratulations! if nothing else every happens in your careers, you and your wife will now be forever linked to the greatest television show in television's history.