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    Friday, March 19, 2010

    "Peaceable Kingdom"

    This is an original lyric I recently turned out.


    Running in the wide, wide world
    We always seem to be miles off track
    Out of patience, out of time
    And no chart to find our way back

    To that peaceable kingdom
    Where out of many, we are one
    And everyone understands that hope
    Doesn’t flow from the barrel of a gun

    Walking in the streets of the city
    You’ve got to keep your guard up high
    Excitement comes with an edge
    And we all keep a watchful eye

    Looking for that peaceable kingdom
    Where I trust you and you trust me
    And everyone understands that force
    Can’t keep us safe or set us free

    It’s hard enough
                (Why must it be so hard)
    Just to survive
                (When we all want the same things)
    To keep my self respect
                (Simple security for our families)
    And keep us all alive
                (And the peace of mind it brings)

    Late at night with you in my arms
    I let all the pain and anger go
    I breathe out and close my eyes
    I can finally find it and at last I know

    My one and only peaceable kingdom
    Where out of two, we are one
    And I trust you and you trust me
    Here, together, between you and me

    Our one and only peaceable kingdom

    by Frank J. Hernandez
    inspired by an idea from Pete Gilman

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