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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    News and 10 things I want you to know

    First the news:

    After ten years of marriage, Gina and I have split up.

    Now the 10 things I want you to know:

    I’ve been through a bad time lately and when I asked for a little help, I meant it.
    I really did try!
    In the short term I will be looking for some additional work (nights and weekends) to pay down some debt, so I may not be around much.
    I’ll be taking this time to reinvent myself and will be replacing a lot of old past times (Science Fiction Cons & Renaissance Festivals) with new ones (Undecided and I have no idea yet).
    I am not looking for someone new, nor is there anyone “waiting in the wings”. I’m alone and I deliberately intend to be alone for some time to come.
    This is not acrimonious. I still care about her and will do all I can for her and wish her nothing but good things in her life.
    I have been lucky to have her in my life at all, and I know it. We had a great run and, while it lasted, it was the best thing in my life.
    Lately we’ve grown apart, fallen out of touch and just seem to be headed in different directions.
    I still love her and always will but . . .
    It’s over.

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