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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    "Revelations" in the news again

    The LA times has the article "Hollywood hits the stop button on high-profile Web video efforts" which mentions Shane, "Star Wars: Revelations" (see the link to the 47 minute movie, starring Gina and featuring me, on this page.) and "Trenches". It's an interesting article but I think it misses some key points. For instance it doesn't talk about The Onion and it's video offerings. This is an example of an existing product using webisodes to enhance their offerings.
    The fact that the television model doesn't work on the web doesn't surprise me. Let's be honest, it never really worked all that well for television. Their overall point though is well taken, when almost anyone can produce their own content and distribute it for free, we need a completely new business model.
    It' nice that their still talking about "Revelations" though.
    Shane is quoted at the beginning and end of the Article.

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    Andrew said...

    Interesting that they don't mention HULU in this article, which seems like the antithesis of the ideology in they are pushing. Not to mention to my knowledge that HULU appears to be quite successful so far, with the "TV" business model.