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    Friday, July 20, 2007

    "Trenches" Trailer

    Shane's trailer for his new project "Trenches" is out. I have a small but cool part in this project, as does Gina. (We're not in this trailer, but that's okay - it's still pretty good!) It was fun to get back together with Shane, Jack and the rest of the old crew. Take a look and tell us what you think. I'll leave the video link at the top of the page for a while.


    Sarah said...

    Teeth! Lots and lots of teeth!

    Xander was very impressed by the trailer. He said he wanted a soldier uniform like the lady who was pulled down by the monster. Nicky could be the monster and Ian could help rescue Xander from him.

    We're warping the young minds well, aren't we?

    Phoenix said...

    Hiya Frank,

    It was great seeing you both at SL29
    wish I had more time to spend with you two but my tasks throughout the weekend keep me hopping at every turn. This year seemed to be more so than previous years.

    Well I'm probably biased since I was part of Trenches but that is by far the best teaser trailer that I have seen come down the pike in quite a while. The visual effects and CGI are astounding. Shane has raised the bar once again.

    Theres a trend in television that tends to jump from one genre to another every few years. Police shows, Vampire shows, Witch shows, Reality shows and Sci Fi Shows. The timing for the last one is just about to hit. With a slew of new shows coming from the various networks that have a sci-fi basis in them.
    This should be a good plus for Trenches if they can get the word out. Hopefully between the word of mouth method and convention gigs this will give them the boost that they'll need to convince the powers that be to give the green light for the pilot. So tell everyone you know about Trenches ( then go tell everyone you don't don't know)
    I'm hoping that there will be some really good visual shots of the ships for detail. I love modeling ships in Lightwave and the ones on the webpage and in the teaser are awesome Nods to Lee Stringer.
    So let us know what you up to, tell us some more about "The Man in Charge" like target dates if known yet, further shooting to be done and needing of principles or Extras etc. The usual stuff like that. I'm always interested in these things.

    Rossdale Alliance
    It was just a pile of rocks, but it was OUR pile of rocks.

    Therese said...

    Good post.